We invest in the acquisition of reference dental clinics

PREMIUM DENT is owned by Areus, a Hungarian company whose partner, János Mészáros, was at the creation of the EUROMEDIC International Group, achieving Pan-European leadership in diagnostics, renal care services and teleradiology, operating in 15 countries and with a total of 182 medical centers.

PREMIUM DENT is an example of Areus’ investment in healthcare and shares the same values that have defined EUROMEDIC International, “Passion, Professionalism and Performance”, with a strong commitment to the quality of services provided.

EUROMEDIC | Worldwide success

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Pan-European Leadership operating in 15 countries and with a total of 182
medical centers, relying on more than 5,400 professionals, of which 1,400 are medical doctors.

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It opened its first clinical center in Portugal in 2007, reaching a total of 44 centers in the different services. Some of these centers continue to operate under the Affidea brand with other shareholders.

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Euromedic International has distinguished itself by its commitment to quality, working every day in order to achieve excellence.

Our work

Areus has been connected to the health area since its beginnings, having been at the creation of the EUROMEDIC International Group through its shareholder János Mészáros, which has achieved Pan-European leadership in diagnostics, renal care services and teleradiology, operating in 15 countries and 182 medical centers, 44 of which in Portugal.

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Our team

António Márquez, CEO


Executive leader with 30 years of experience in various healthcare sectors, specifically insurance, pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry, medical devices and equipment, and outpatient clinics.

In the area of outpatient clinics, with full executive responsibility in a multinational company financed by private equity, he built from scratch a platform with the areas of Diagnostic Imaging, Laboratory Diagnostics, Hemodialysis and Radioncology, through M&A and organic growth, whose revenue exceeded 100 million euros in Portugal. The development of this project was supported by the creation of operational teams capable of generating long-term sustainable results.

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Sérgio Franco, COO


He was part of the executive management of Grupo Maló Clinic, between 2009 and 2017, at a time of national leadership and worldwide projection.

As a consultant, between 2018 and 2021, he was responsible for preparing a study on Dental Medicine in a hospital context in the CUF clinics network, for the strategic definition of a new approach better aligned with the brand’s values and for the implementation of the new approach model.

He has a global vision of the business, supported by a consolidated experience in various functional areas of management, at the level of administration and direction of companies in various sectors of activity in health, wellness and food industry.

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Our vision and values

Our vision is sustained by three decades of experience in the healthcare industry, always with the same purpose: Add value through innovation and professional competence, allowing us to better serve our customers.

PREMIUM DENT – Smile Experts’ commitment reflects the values we stand for: Passion, Professionalism and Performance, aiming to achieve a prominent position in the dental sector, always with the highest respect for the value achieved by the shareholders and preserving the history and singularity of each clinic.

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